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FAQ - Equipment

Should I bring my own ski/snowboard equipment to Gulmarg?

We recommend that you bring your own equipment. If you don't feel like carrying all of your ski gear, you can always rent ski equipment in Gulmarg. You can find some good rental gear, but it is on a first-come, first-served basis so you might be disappointed. I really recommend that you bring your boots as boot quality is low in Gulmarg, and the rental shops have a very hard time drying them.

Are there ski equipment rental shops in Gulmarg and is the equipment modern?

Yes, there are 3 private equipment rental shops and a Government Rental Center in Gulmarg where you can rent skis and snowboards. Snowboard equipment is not as common as ski equipment. The ski and snowboard equipment in Gulmarg is not up to Western standards, but you should be able to find some decent equipment (one of the shops is associated with K2 so you can get some good rentals there). Another company also imported some good gear but be prepared to pay. They charge as much or more than at home. See our Ski Rentals, Snowboard Rentals, and Rentals Location page for more info.

What type of safety equipment will I need (i.e. transceivers, shovels, etc.)?

Since most of Gulmarg is backcountry terrain, safety equipment is mandatory. All skiers should carry the appropriate equipment with them such as a transceiver (beacon), shovel, and probe. As the responsibility for your safety comes from your ski party first, you should also know how to use the safety equipment.

If I don't want to carry all that safety equipment with me, can I rent it somewhere?

Yes, safety equipment can be rented at the two private equipment rental shops in Gulmarg. However, supplies may be limited. It can be very hard to rent safety equipment during the high season, so you may want to consider bringing safety equipment with you (it's best if the safety equipment is placed in your checked baggage). See our Rental pages for more info.

Is there any other type of equipment that you recommend (for hiking, etc.)?

Snowboarders may want to use a splitboard (snowboards that turn into touring skis) if they plan on doing any hiking in Gulmarg. There are a limited number of splitboards for rent in Gulmarg. Skiers may want to use alpine touring gear (heel is not secured to the ski binding) if they plan on doing any hiking in Gulmarg. Snowshoes are available to rent if you snowboard, don't have a splitboard, and want to use your own snowboard.

Is there a full-service ski shop where I can get my equipment tuned (sharpened and waxed) and/or repaired?

Yes, you can get your ski and snowboard equipment tuned at 2 private equipment rental shops in Gulmarg. However, do not expect the same level of service and tuning standards that you are accustomed to in Western ski resorts. We also recommend bringing spare binding or boot parts as there is nothing available in Gulmarg to fix your gear. It could ruin your trip. Also, if you feel like it, leave those spare parts behind when you leave Gulmarg; you might save somebody's trip. See our Ski Rentals, Snowboard Rentals, and Rentals Location page for more info.


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