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FAQ - Restaurants, Nightlife & Other Activities

What kind of food can I expect in Gulmarg?

The food is very good in Gulmarg. Many of the restaurants serve excellent local Kashmiri and Indian dishes like curry (vegetarian, chicken, and lamb) and some international cuisine. You can get pizza and pasta dishes at some of the other restaurants. Breakfast is usually more Western-style with eggs, cereal, fruit, and toast.

What is the tipping policy in Gulmarg?

Tipping is customary in Gulmarg and is expected in most of the service industry. For good service in restaurants, 5-10% is the standard tip. It is also polite to tip hotel staff, porters, and taxi drivers. A 10% service tip is standard for the better hotels.

Are there restaurants / cafeterias on the mountain?

There are 2 cafeteria-style restaurants and some tea houses on the mountain.

I am not a vegetarian. Are there meat options available in local restaurants?

Yes, non-vegetarians can get chicken and lamb dishes.

Are there any après ski places in Gulmarg?

There used to be very little après ski options in Gulmarg. A few hotels have caught the opportunity and offer nice lounges to relax and have a drink. Travelers and the crowd of ski bums returning to Gulmarg year after year organize parties. There is something going on most nights at Hotel Alpine Ridge or Pine Palace Resort. You can also grab a beer at some of the other hotel bars, play pool at the Golf Club or ice skate at the outdoor Skating Rink. People make their own après ski – play a game of cards, have a drink and chat with new friends or take a moonlit walk.

How is the nightlife in Gulmarg? Are there any dance clubs?

There really are no dance clubs but most nights can get hip. Some hotels let people organize parties-- people just connect their music or one ski bum or another takes the task of DJing all night.

Is there shopping in Gulmarg? Where can I shop for souvenirs?

There are a few shops in Gulmarg, but shopping is rather limited. Kashmir is known for its carpets and fine fabrics like Pashmina, and you can find these items in Gulmarg. You can get a custom-made Hoodie with local woolen fabric at some tailor shops in Gulmarg Village. There are more shopping opportunities in Srinagar where you can shop for handicrafts like hand-woven silks, embroidered shawls, and Namdahs (embroidered felt mats).

What non-ski activities are available in Gulmarg?

You can shop for cashmere scarves and carpets in Gulmarg. If you want to do something active rather than downhill ski, you can ice skate, snowshoe or cross country ski. There are some local sites that are worth visiting in Gulmarg like the local market, religious buildings, and shrines.

If I want to take a day off from skiing, what possibilities are there for day trips and how do I organize them?

A day or overnight trip to nearby Srinagar is a nice option. The city is known for its beautiful gardens and terraced lawns. If you stay overnight, a houseboat stay on beautiful Dal Lake is a must. We can arrange these trips for you. See our About Srinagar page for more info.


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