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Mr. Nicolas Kerneis comments...

We had a great stay in Gulmarg; everything was very simple and no problems to report. Thank you to Yanik for his availability and kindness. We will surely experience that again.

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Visited Gulmarg in 2011 and 2012

Mr. Olivier Guilmain comments...

A big thank you to Yanik from and who did everything to make our stay go well! A perfectr organization. :)

Yanik is always there to answer our questions or to have a beer! "Sti qu'c'est bon!!! What an accent that Quebecers, Crack me every time!

My first stay in Kashmir and I have nothing but good memories. A huge resort with generally good POW! A change of scenery, very friendly people, snowball fights with the monkeys! 15 days od awsomeness. Great Kashmiri guide, very good, madness! Selected on the advice of Yanik.

One thing to note, if you have your own ski poles, you should take them with you! I measure 1.70m and there were no sticks for my size ... Otherwise regarding ski rentals, nothing to say except very good stuff whether pow ski or ski touring!

At the end of our trip, we had a small problem with the room price... Always agreed with this hotel before; there is no fixed price and nothing is written anywhere. Prices can vary depending on the person ... That's how it is in Kkashmir ;) An experience I will surely remember. The quality of the resorts and the price is still very reasonable compared to the prices in Europe!

Good ride and thank you again Yanik,

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Visited Gulmarg in Febuary 2012

Mr. Thibaud comments...

Hi Yanik,
Glad to hear from you and delighted to learn that you came back to spend the winter in the Indian Himalaya.

When I return home, I will make you send you photos and write some reviews for your site! It will be my pleasure to help you on this point! So little compared to what you have done for us ...

Also could you tell me what the snow conditions are for early November and late February?? And yes, even if I don’t have the chance to spend my winter n Gulmarg, I think at least, I’ll try to make a brief trip every year...

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact me...
See you soon I hope!

Visited Gulmarg in Febuary 2011 and Febuary 2012

Mr. Sebastien comments...

Gulmarg ... a true experience for all travelers, skier, snowboarder in search for deep Pow and homesickness! ` Yanik - thank you for helping me organize my trip and welcoming me in Gulmarg . I still recall the good plate pasta for my arrival! Aah yes, it had done good to my poor stomach after a little too much spicy food in India! Ha! Ha!

And it's good to speak a little French in Kashmir even if the accent is a little weird sometimes ;-) tchuss Take care!

Visited Gulmarg in January 2011

Jay and Laura comments...

Thank you for your email!

Yes, we had a great summer; we worked hard. That is what happens after 2 months of travel :)

During our trip around the world, Gulmarg was at the top of our lists.

We had high expectations and were not disappointed!

Gulmarg removes all the unnecessary and make you focus on what most skiing as the best to offer; lots of pleasure. A high dose! All wrapped in the magic of India, scents, tastes ... we want more.

Excellent season to you and best wishes!
Jay and Laura

Visited Gulmarg in January 2011

Amandine wrote ...

I also looking forward to next winter, never skied as much pow pow my life as in Gulmarg this past season. Thanks

Visited Gulmarg in January and February 2010


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