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India’s Formalities

So you’ve finally made the decision to Ski India? And you can’t wait to ski all that untouched powder at Gulmarg Ski Resort…but there is some preparation involved in planning an international trip. Here is some important information on international travel documents to make your trip smoother.

All foreigners entering India and Gulmarg must possess a valid national passport and a valid Indian Visa, which is obtained by an Indian Mission. The Government of India issues visas for several categories: Tourist, Student, Business, Employment, etc. A Tourist Visa is valid for 180 days.

If you plan in advance and follow the steps below, it will be easy to obtain your Visa for India, and you’ll be on your way to Ski Gulmarg -- the premier resort in the Ski Himalaya region.

How to Get a Visa for India & Gulmarg

An application for an Indian Visa can be found on the Government of India website at:

Please note that it is mandatory to apply for the visa through the online application link (a handwritten application will not be accepted).

Once you are on the website, click on “Online Visa Application” and “online application link” to fill out the online application.

It is important to read through both set of instructions listed below before completing the Online Visa Application.

  • For instructions on how to fill out the online application, click on “Instructions for form.”
  • For important technical information regarding the online application, click on “Technical Info.”

An appointment must be scheduled with the appropriate Indian Mission by clicking on “Select Mission” on the online form.

Once the online form is completed, a signed physical copy of the online application form, passport, and any other supporting documents must be submitted to the appropriate Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC) or directly to the Indian Mission.

A File Number will be automatically generated upon submission of the form, and applicants should keep the File Number for further communications.

Processing Time to Get a Visa for India & Gulmarg

Upon receipt of the visa application, the Indian Mission/Post requires a minimum of 3 working days to process the case and issue a visa depending on the nationality of the applicant (excluding special cases).

If you have already applied online for a Visa for India and would like to know the status of your application, click on the “Visa Enquiry” link found within the text of the Overview page of:

Requirements to Get a Visa for India & Gulmarg

Photo Requirements:

A 5cm X 5cm (2 inch X 2 inch) photo is required for all visa applicants with the following specifications:

  • Photo must have a plain light colored or white background with no border
  • Photo should be of the full face (top of hair to bottom of chin) with a front view of face
  • Eyes should be open with no shadows on the face or in the background
Visa Fees:

The visa fee depends on the type of visa applied for and the duration of the visa. There is a basic fee and a special fee. A basic fee will be displayed at the end of the online application process. Please note that this is an indicative fee, and a final fee will be charged. All visa fees are non-refundable.

For more information on visa fees, it is best to check with your local embassy. Here are some embassy websites:



Middle East:

United Kingdom:

United States:

Southeast Asia:

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