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Travel Insurance

We offer travel insurance that covers skiing and heliskiing in Gulmarg. Just let us know…

Gulmarg Ski: The Big Picture

Gulmarg is a small, remote village in the Himalayan Mountains, and there are very little health facilities. There are hospitals in Srinagar (52 kilometers from Gulmarg). It is not the kind of hospital a Westerner is accustomed to, and you definitely do not want to spend any time in them.

Your best travel insurance policy is to ski responsibly and safely…and DO NOT GET HURT.

For more information on how to ski safely, refer to our “Safety” page.

So, why in the world would you want to Ski Gulmarg? Because when you Ski Kashmir, the rewards outweigh the frustrations: the beauty and solitude of the Himalayan Mountains and the adventure of skiing challenging backcountry terrain at a non-commercialized resort make the trip to Ski Himalaya worthwhile.

Gulmarg Ski: Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

Gulmarg Ski Resort is basically an off-piste, backcountry ski resort, and much of Gulmarg’s terrain is not controlled.

Also, Gulmarg Ski Resort is not far from the “Line of Control” – the site of conflicts between India and Pakistan over the disputed Kashmir province. There is a strong military presence all over Gulmarg working to ensure that international tourists are safe.

The political conflict in the Kashmir region has subsided dramatically over the past decade. Violence has been rare in the region, and Gulmarg is basically a safe, quiet village that is isolated from political incidents.

Because of these uncertain conditions, it is mandatory that all travelers get travel insurance. Standard travel insurance policies MAY not cover off-piste skiing and the slight chance of being a victim of an accident in an area that is considered politically unstable. You may need to purchase extra insurance to cover these circumstances. Make sure that the policy covers both on-piste and off-piste skiing. Read the small print of your policy and double check that the necessary coverage is included.

Travel Insurance That Has Been Recommended for Gulmarg

We can organize and buy travel insurance that covers skiing and heliskiing in Gulmarg. Just let us know…

There are two good insurance companies that we recommend:

Both companies have policies that cover off-piste and heliskiing, Kashmir, and helicopter evacuation in the event of a medical emergency. Double check with your insurance provider to see if they cover search and rescue.

To expedite the process, please visit the heliski company at the kiwi hut when you arrive in Gulmarg and register with them. They will make sure you are covered and will take an imprint of your credit card. In the slight chance that you will need their help, they can get the process moving faster, especially knowing that they will get paid.

Your safety is of the utmost importance, and we want you to feel secure when you Ski India.

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