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Where Can I Find the Gulmarg Ski Rental Shops?

There are 3 ski and snowboard equipment rental shops in Gulmarg. Two of the shops have ski and snowboard rentals – the equipment ranges from very good and modern equipment to o.k. ski gear.

Starting in 2013-2014, a tour company started to offer gear rental. They have excellent gear. As they have to pay lots of import taxes, it costs a fair amount to rent that type of new gear in Gulmarg.

Gulmarg Ski Shop

The rental shop is located under the Global Hotel & Restaurant. It may be a bit hard to find this equipment rental shop as it is in the basement of the hotel.

Once you are in Gulmarg, enter the village from the first entrance. You will come to a big parking lot (it is a bus stop) on the right and the Hotel Sahara and Hotel Yambazl on the left.

A little further, you will see a crossroad that leads to the village on the right and the Gulmarg Gondola on the left. Take a left and as you go down the hill, you will see the hospital on the left heading towards the base of Gulmarg Ski Resort.

Global Hotel & Restaurant and Gulmarg Ski Shop are on the corner before the hospital.

Visit our Accommodation Map page to get a better understanding of where to look.

Kashmir Alpine Ski Rental

This authentic premier rental shop has been renting ski and snowboard gear in Gulmarg since 1988. The shop's owner, Yasin, is a true genuine Kashmiri that loves to share his passion for skiing in Gulmarg. His son may represent India in the next Winter Olympics.

The rental shop is a little out of the way around the Golf course. It is situated beside the Hotel Highlands Park and the Nedous Hotel Gulmarg.

The best way to get to the rental shop is to take a taxi to Hotel Highlands Park and walk across the hotel property to the other side where you will see a series of small buildings – an arts & crafts store, a convenience store, and a Ski Rental shop.

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The Government Rental Center

This rental shop is located just at the top of the surface lift on the Golf course, just around the corner from the base station of the Gulmarg Gondola.

The prices are very cheap, and they have o.k. gear. They are focused more on Indian tourists, but the shop can be a good place to rent winter clothes and ice skates to go skating on the ice rink. They also have skis, but we will classify them as "Old School."

Visit our Accommodation Map page to get a better understanding of where to look.

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