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Gear Rental Rates – Gulmarg Ski Resort

As stated in the pages of this section, the gear quality varies a lot in Gulmarg. For the best gear, be ready to pay what you would pay in Europe or America or even more. For good gear that has been used for a few years, gear rental is more affordable.

This list of prices is to give you an idea. The quality changes so much that it is impossible for us to show a fixed price.

If you need to rent gear for your ski trip in Gulmarg, we will send you an online form to complete. Once that is done, we will send you an accurate quote.

Ski Gear Rental Rates

Fat skis with Touring Bindings (skis, poles, skins) 15-55$/day
Fat Skis with Alpine Bindings (Ski, poles) 15-30$/day
Alpine Skis (Ski, poles) 7-20$/day
Ski Boots 3-10$/day
Poles Only 3-10$/day
Skins 5-10$/day
Kid's Skis 5-20$/day
Kid's Boots 3-10$/day

Snowboard Gear Rental Rates

Snowboard (Board, Bindings) 15-50$/day
Splitboard (Board, bindings, poles, skins) 15-50$/day
Snowboard Boots 3-10$/day
Kid's Snowboard 5-20$/day
Kid's Boots 3-10$/day

Safety Equipment Rental Rates

Backcountry Safety Gear (Transceiver, Probe, Shovel) 12-30$/day
Transceiver Only 8.5-15$/day
Probe Only 2-5$/day
Shovel Only 2-5$/day
ABS Backpack (BCA) 25$/day
Avalung Backpack (Black Diamonds) 15$/day
Helmet 3–6$/day
Goggles 3–6$/day

Clothing Rental Rates

Full Winter Clothing (Jacket, Pants, Gloves) 8–15$/day
Jacket Only 5–10$/day
Pants Only 5–10$/day
Gloves Only 3–5$/day

Other Gear Rental Rates

Snowshoes 10–20$/day
Cross Country Skis (Ski, poles, shoes) ???
Ice Skates ???
Tent ???
Sleeping Bags ???
Camping Mats ???
Camping Burner ???

Gear Rental

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