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Renting Snowboard Gear in Gulmarg

You might not have all the snowboard gear needed for a backcountry adventure to Ski Gulmarg or you may not feel like carrying all that heavy equipment on the plane. You can rent snowboard gear in Gulmarg…

What to Expect When You Rent Snowboard Gear in Gulmarg.

Gulmarg and the snowboard rental facilities in Gulmarg are still far from western standards.

Yes, there is some very good snowboard gear in Gulmarg for rent.

There are less choices and variety when renting Snowboard Equipment than renting Ski Gear. All private equipment rental shops and the Government Rental Center never bought a big supply of equipment (especially snowboards) for renting out. All rental snowboards in Gulmarg were bought from visiting tourists who were leaving Gulmarg. We actually sold 5 snowboards to rental shops up until now.

So don't expect this year's models or top of the line boards and bindings.

There are a few splitboards (snowboards that turn into touring skis to ascend the mountain) to rent in Gulmarg.

Starting in 2013-2014, a tour company with whom we work with offers gear rental. They have excellent gear like Black Diamonds, Jones Snowboards, etc. As they had to pay lots of import taxes, it costs a fair amount to rent that type of new gear in Gulmarg.

What I mean when saying the standard is different is that snowboards may not be tuned up to perfection, with a few core shots because past users have skied over rocks. There will not be 15 techs waiting to help you get your snowboard equipment ready in the morning so you will have to wait and be patient.

Snowboard Rental Prices

It all depends on what you need. There are a few women's snowboards as well as some longer and fatter boards. Please advise us of your height and weight and what you are looking for so we can inform the rental shop and make sure you get the best equipment for you.

Visit our Rental Rates page to get a good idea.

Who we work with when our guests need to Rent Snowboard Gear…

We work with both private ski rental shops. It all depends on what you need and where the snowboard gear is available. There is a limited amount of snowboard gear for rent. Boot sizes are also limited, and it can become tricky to rent ski clothes, transceivers, probes, and shovels.

For 2014-2015, Gulmarg should see the opening of its first and only snowboard shop - a place dedicated to snowboards and snowboarding.

Gear Rental

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