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Gulmarg Ski – Out of Bounds – Babarishi Trees

Gulmarg is a plateau at 2,660 meters of altitude. When it is snowing hard and the Gulmarg Gondola is not running, you can ski down. The Babarishi Trees are one of many excellent alternatives in the Ski Kashmir region.

As Gulmarg Ski Resort is a off-piste, out of bounds ski resort, the health, rescue and evacuation services are not the same as what we are used to. strongly advise to hire a ski guide.

Where Do I Go To Ski The Babarishi Trees?

You have to go to the outer ring road that circles Gulmarg.

The start zones are located between the second entrance to Gulmarg and the Children's Park.

Most of the road is cleared from snow in the mornings, but there are parts that you will have to walk. The more you go towards skier's right, the steeper and longer it gets. If you go too far, you can get stuck on some flatter areas.

The Best Way To Ski The Babarishi Trees

We recommend a local guide to ski or snowboard this awesome forest.

There are a few flats to be avoided. Another important thing to mention is that there are wires for army communication running between some trees. Local guides know them and know how to ski safely around them.

You or your guide will need to organize a taxi. If you don't have a guide, you can contact the representative on location. He or she will be happy to assist you.

The taxi will drop you where the guide has requested.

Your party will ski down to the first road (pony track – unclear from snow). You will have to cross that road and keep skiing down to the next road.

That is where you will need to wait for your taxi. The wait can be between 20 minutes to an hour depending on traffic conditions.

Your taxi will drive you back to a start zone and down you go for more Ski India adventures. Pow Pow!

The Terrain

The Terrain is awesome! Some of the best tree skiing and riding you will ever do.

The forest is a very mature Pine Tree Forest. All of the trees are old and big so the branches start very high, and the trees are spaced nicely apart.

Most of the area is about 35 plus degrees. In this type of forest, you can carry your speed. You can ski down between 250 and 400 meters.

There are drops, a few cliffs, trees to ride, and lots of features to have fun on – all part of the Ski Himalaya experience.

When the snow is normally deep and unaffected by the wind, you can launch yourself without too much fear. We advise you to stay in control and be safe at all times.

Gulmarg ski

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