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Gulmarg Ski – Out of Bounds – To Drang

If you look to the left part of Mt. Apharwat, you will see Drang Bowls. There are 6 massive bowls at the Southern end of the main Gulmarg Ski Resort.

These 6 bowls drain into a deeper gully, which makes it almost impossible to ski back to Gulmarg.

To come back from Drang Village, your ski guide will need to organize a taxi. We strongly recommend that you use a guide to ski that section as it is massive, and you don't want to ski the wrong chutes. There is some very steep terrain there.

As Gulmarg Ski Resort is a off-piste, out of bounds ski resort, the health, rescue and evacuation services are not the same as what we are used to. strongly advise to hire a ski guide.

Where Do I Go To Ski To Drang?

From the Top

The best way to reach the bowls is to first go Southwest – walking up in the same direction as the Gulmarg Gondola.

Go up about 100 – 150 meters and then start crossing Southeast all the way to the tip. Your guide will exactly know where to go.

From Mid-Station

Skiing to Drang from Kongdoori plateau - mid-station - is possible.

You will need to go Southeast across the flats to the trees and straight down to the bottom of the gully, then ski to Drang.

The Terrain

The terrain is very similar to the rest of Apharwat. The main difference is that you go down to 2,100 meters so your run is about 1,800 meters.

About half of the run is in massive alpine bowls; then you end up in Birch Trees and beautiful glades on Drang spurs.

Once you get to the same height as Kongdoori, you have to stay to skier's right and not go into the massive gully that drains those bowls.

You will actually need to walk up a little and around a little hill.

By then, you will be in the trees. On the other side of the little hill, you can find the start zone of many avalanche run-outs and chutes.

Some of the terrain is very, very steep and technical.

Once you are at the bottom, you just have to follow the gully all the way to the creek and follow it.

To Get Back

You will need to follow the creek. You will arrive at a bridge. On the other side, you will need to start hiking up following a track.

You will find a road that leads to Drang. Maybe 1.5 kilometers further, you will see a big steel bridge lower on the left when you are almost in Drang. If the road has been cleared, it is possible for your taxi to pick you up there. If not, you will need to cross Drang and walk all the way to Tangmarg.

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