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Gulmarg Ski – Out of Bounds – The Far Far Side or Lienmarg

I call it the Far Far Side for a reason…It is Far…

To ski some amazing lines in this section of Gulmarg Ski Resort when you Ski India, you will have to hike to the summit or pay the big bucks for heliskiing.

We recommend exploring this area with a certified Local Ski Guide. The area is massive with terrain for expert skiers. You could get lost… A guide can also get a taxi to pick you up from the Army Base after you've finished what could be the run of your life in Ski Himalaya.

Where Do I Go To Ski The Far Far Side?

I heliskied that section in 2010-2011, and it was just SICK…

Once you are at the summit, you will have to stay on the top ridge of Mt. Apharwat and go all the way to the Northern end of the mountain. Once you reach the end of the main Apharwat Ridge, you will see that some bowls are at a North aspect going straight.

You can ski Northeast or Northwest. But…if you go West, it will take you more time to get back to Gulmarg.

At the bottom, there is an army road that leads back to the Army Base. Depending where you end up after your run, you will need to get back to Gulmarg. You can end up more than 5 km from the Army Base and Gulmarg.

From the Army Base, you either walk back or manage to organize a taxi.

The Terrain

As this aspect is full North, the snow is dry and deep.

The bowls are massive, and they all end up in avalanche run-outs. This area, just like everything else in Gulmarg, should be skied with extreme caution -- using backcountry techniques and protocols.

We saw an avalanche fracture a few years ago; it was 3 meters thick in some areas and ran all the way to the bottom.

This section is not all alpine skiing like most of Gulmarg's Phase 2 bowls.

You start at the tip of a massive face; the first third is alpine skiing. Then, you can pick a line somewhere.

Some parts of the terrain are mature Pine Tree Forest, Birch Tree Forest, gullies, and Avalanche run-outs.

It goes from steep to very steep. That's how it is when you Ski Kashmir.

Gulmarg ski

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