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Gulmarg Ski – Out of Bounds – Looker's Right

Gulmarg's Mt. Apharwat looker's right is a vast and massive area. Some areas can stay untracked for days, even weeks after a storm.

From the North aspect of Army Ridge Bowl to Snow Leopard Face, there are more than 10 bowls and gullies to enjoy and ride to your heart's content in this Ski Himalaya snow paradise.

Some lines are so good that I would rather keep them for myself…

We recommend hiring a local ski guide as the area is big. By skiing with a guide, you will not only be safer but will save time trying to find the best lines when you Ski Kashmir.

As Gulmarg Ski Resort is a off-piste, out of bounds ski resort, the health, rescue and evacuation services are not the same as what we are used to. strongly advise to hire a ski guide.

Where Do I Go To Ski Looker's Right?

To explore and enjoy most of the Looker's Right area at Gulmarg Ski Resort, you will need to hike to the summit. The hike is about 20 to 30 minutes long.

To reach the summit at 4,124 meters, you can use touring gear or just walk up. There is a boot pack going all the way up most of the time.

It is possible to access the North face of Army Ridge with a very short hike or no hike at all. You can access some other bowls, but you will need to cut and traverse under some pretty big wind-loaded bowls. Please ski with care and consider not only your safety but the safety of the other skiers and boarders enjoying Gulmarg Ski Resort.

Once at the top, standing at 4,124 meters on the summit, you will be midway between Apharwat South and Apharwat North bowls.

To access bowls that are further North on the main ridge, you can walk over the rocks and down to the snow at the top of Chooti Nali Bowl.

You can also ski around the rocks to the back, keeping your height and hiking back to Chooti Nali Bowl or go further.

You can ski from there all the way to the Far Far Side and Lienmarg Area, staying on the top of the main Ridge.

The Terrain

Most of the terrain is High Big Mountain Riding and Skiing in Alpine bowls. Some of the bowls end up in tree areas. The 4 Sisters and Snow Leopard Face are mainly glades that have excellent tree skiing.

There is too much to describe and too many secret spots to start describing and sharing all my Ski India secrets with you…

My advice is to get a local guide and tell them you want to explore the looker's right side. If you are in good physical shape, I say push and go ski the Sisters and Snow Leopard Face.

Some classics are the Paper Trees, The Singing Trees, The Airplane Run (from the summit), etc…

Enjoy Gulmarg's skiing and ski with care… Pow Pow…

Gulmarg ski

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