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Economic and Cheap Accommodations in Gulmarg

As Gulmarg and Kashmir are part of India, it is possible to find very affordable accommodations when you Ski Himalaya. It's no surprise as India is one of the poorest and most inexpensive countries to visit.

It is important to know that you get what you pay for everywhere you go, and Gulmarg is no exception.

Level of Comfort and Luxury: A Brief Description

Here is what you will get if you decide to stay in a Hotel in Gulmarg that we classify as "Economic."

  • Wood ovens or personal space heaters to warm you up. Both of them will not heat up at night so you better bring your winter sleeping bag. Please note that the gas needs to be turned off as there is no exhaust and the fumes are very dangerous.
  • You may wake up with a frozen water bottle because it can get very cold at night.
  • Some Gulmarg Hotel rooms have water heaters (known as geysers in Gulmarg), but most of the time they don't work well or the water supplying them just freezes. You will most likely use hot water buckets to wash yourself.
  • Hallways are not heated.
  • Restaurants are somewhat cold and heated by a wood oven, but the food is cheap and delicious.
The Best Economic Accommodations in Gulmarg
  • Bakshi Restaurant
  • Global Hotel and Restaurant
  • Hotel Yambazal
  • Sahara Hotel
  • Welcome Hotel GulmargBook Now
  • Hotel Zahgeer ContinentalBook Now
  • Kingsley Hotel
  • Mountain View Inn
  • Rosewood Hut
  • Falak Hut

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