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Après-ski and Nightlife in Gulmarg

If you have enough energy after a hard day of skiing or riding at Gulmarg Ski Resort, there are several options for Après-ski and Nightlife in Gulmarg.


If you finish your ski day early and it's a nice and sunny day, take a walk to the village and enjoy a Qahwah (Kashmiri Tea – Saffron, Cinnamon, Cardamom, etc…) sitting outside around a table in the snow.

If it is too late and it is getting dark, the Hotel Alpine Ridge and Pine Palace Resort have nice lounges where you can get Kingfisher beer and have a drink with friends.

For a very decent lounge, a bit more expensive but very cozy, visit the Hotel Highlands Park. It is a lovely place to chat about your lines and the secret spots you want to hit the next day.

All of these places are excellent places to relax, meet people from all over the world, and share stories about your Ski Himalaya adventures.

The Hotel Heevan Retreat also has a nice lounge with a pool table.

Nightlife and Party

I remember my first year in Gulmarg where booze had to be smuggled into town, and there were only 3 girls in Gulmarg. Times have changed.

Now, there is a party almost every night of the week.

The location changes, but the most active party places are Pine Palace Resort, Hotel Alpine Ridge, and Global Hotel & Restaurant.

The vibe is always good, and music is self Djed…meaning that people connect their Ipods and phones. Some special Russian nights are held, and Sasha keeps the music pumping and people grooving.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming events…

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