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What & Where to Eat in Gulmarg

You'll be sure to work up an appetite while skiing/riding at Gulmarg Ski Resort but you may not know Where to eat in Gulmarg. Make sure you try the local Kashmiri cuisine offered at many of the Gulmarg Restaurants. Here are some suggestions of places to eat as well as some local cuisine you won't want to miss…


If you crave coffee, you are somewhat out of luck. If you like Nescafe, then you are not only in Powder Paradise but in Nescafe Powder Paradise.

There are 3 percolators (Italian coffee brewing pot) in Gulmarg. I brought 2 with me -- sold one to Paul who left it at Bakshi Restaurant, I still have one in my bag, and there is a third one (smaller) at Hotel Alpine Ridge. Now the problem is the coffee itself. I imported 15 kg of coffee to Gulmarg, and it is still somewhat fresh in my bag.

My advice to you if you are craving fresh-brewed, roasted coffee is go to Alpine, Bakshi, Global Hotel & Restaurant or try to find me (Yanik).

There is a new and more expensive option. Go visit the new Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa. They serve real coffee and have a nice espresso machine. They offer great coffee, great food, great views and great ambiance.

Other Drinks

You will fall in love with the Qahwah Kashmiri tea. It's a mix of Cardamom, Saffron, Cinnamon, Sugar and sometimes Raisins, Almonds or Cashews. I also really like to get a Honey Ginger Lemon Tea.

Chai and Chai Masala are India's classic teas.


Most of your hotel and ski packages will come with breakfast included. Breakfast is normally fried or scrambled eggs, cold toast, and very thick oat porridge.

My personal favorite is Kashmiri roti from the Tandoori oven in the village. Look for smoke rising early in the morning behind the new police station (to the right when you are facing the station) and walk into a dark, dusty door to find fresh baked roti. Top the roti with Peanut Butter, Nutella or both… it is the best. You will need to bring the toppings or buy them at Pick and Choose in Srinagar. Very sweet Fruit Jam is available in Gulmarg.


Cadbury Chocolate or other local Chocolate and Potato Chips can be found in all of the convenience stores in Gulmarg. Find Jaan across from the bus station for the friendliest store in town (but I like to spread the business around and buy from everywhere).

The Hide & Seek Choco chip cookies are to die for, and I also like the cashew cookies. They all sell good almonds and dry apricots -- an excellent snack while riding.

At Bakshi, you can ask them for a Yanik's special Sugar Cinnamon Butter Parata with Lemon Juice.


For lunch, it all depends if the gondola is running or not, if you have time or you just want to shred some Pow.

When I have time, I like to visit Global Hotel & Restaurant, The Yambazal or a Classic Bakshi restaurant. If it is somewhat hot outside, a few Dhabas (restaurants that serve local cuisine) have outside tables in the village center. My personal favorite is in the building next to Bakshi. There are a few restaurants, but the Dhaba to the farthest left is the best…try their Malai Kofta.

There is also the Big Bite under the Hill Top Hotel. They serve o.k. pizza, good McDonald's-like fries, and decent burgers.

All the hotels around the gondola are also good options.

If you are riding, my tip is to bring a snack as the food at the Gondola restaurant or the tea house by Mary's Shoulder is all good but the service is slow, and portions are a bit small. They are an excellent option if it is sunny and you feel like relaxing and enjoying a Chai Tea.

My favorites are: Vegetable Pakoda, Paneer Pakoda, French Fries, Fried Rice, and different curries. Look for Sofy at the Tea House.


Most of your hotels offer dinner, and most of our packages include dinners.

If you feel like trying something different, Hotel Alpine Ridge makes pasta, Pine Palace Resort offers some Russian dishes, and Pine Palace Platinum has pizza.

If you feel like enjoying a local meal with friends, walk to Bakshi. There is always a good vibe and good food. The buffet at Alpine Ridge is good, and the Après-ski is the best in town.

If you want to treat yourself, the place to be is the new Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa - buffet or "à la carte". Hotel Highlands Park is also an excellent option. You get a full 5 – 6 course meal and all you can eat. Every night is different, but I am always happy when I leave as it was tasty, copious, and delicious.

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