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Shopping & Sightseeing in Gulmarg

Other than the activities mentioned on the "Outdoor" page, there is not a lot of sightseeing in Gulmarg.

Sightseeing & Shopping in Gulmarg


There is a viewpoint on the road that loops around Gulmarg situated between the first and second entry points that lead into town. On a clear day, the view is amazing.

Temples and Religious Buildings

There are a few Religious temples, Church and Mosque.

If you have time, it is a nice visit to go to Babarishi, have a tea and visit the temple.

Shopping in Gulmarg

Shopping in Gulmarg is pretty limited. There are a few shawl and carpet stores in Gulmarg. There are a couple of nice shops in the same building as Bakshi Restaurant. The other very nice one is near the Kashmir Alpine Ski Rental.

You can also get a tailor-made Pheran. This is the traditional Kashmiri winter coat. Mr. Khan has a Tailor shop in the village by the mosque. He charges good money for his tailor-made Pherans, but he does a good job and is a very nice man.

Mr. Khan also makes very nice hoodies. He has refined his technique over the years and is now an expert in making tailored personal hoodies. You choose your style, the material, the insulation, and bargain over the price with him….2 days later, you will be happy and comfy…

As there is not much sightseeing & shopping in Gulmarg and you're looking to add a bit of culture to your stay at Gulmarg Ski Resort, you should go to Srinagar.

Sightseeing & Shopping in Srinagar

If you decide to visit Srinagar, we will be happy to help you book a night or two on a world-famous traditional Houseboat or a Srinagar Hotel. A day or two away from Gulmarg Ski Resort is a nice addition to your Ski Himalaya holidays.

To See and Do in Srinagar

Srinagar is known for beautiful lakes, houseboats, and lush gardens – a city surrounded by the majestic Himalayan mountains. There are many sightseeing options in Srinagar.

Please see our About Srinagar page for more info.

To Buy in Srinagar

If you're looking for something unique to bring back home as a memory of your time spent in Ski Himalaya, there is great shopping in Srinagar.

Srinagar is famous for cashmere and pashmina shawls, carved wood art and furniture, wood, carpet, gems and stones as well as other indigenous crafts.

Please see our About Srinagar page for more info.

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